What a Weekend to be a Washingtonian…

Whew, that’s some alliteration. Anyway, not sure if you heard about the whole swearing-in of the president today. 😉

Missouri Innaugruation Reception 1

Jeff and I got all dressed up for the Missouri Inaugural Reception. So fun!

There really is something exciting and prideful about the inauguration process. Aside from any political differences, it’s a great opportunity to witness an historic moment that plays such a critical role in our long-standing democracy. And although it literally took us THREE HOURS (no thanks to Metro) to get home, despite only having six miles to travel from the inaugural ceremonies, it was a day/weekend I won’t soon forget!

Here are a few snapshots of the big inauguration day:

(Disclaimer: I’m short and we were pretty far away so you won’t see any close-ups of the president. Sorry!)

Innauguration Edited 1

Our ticketed section. Unfortunately, no VIPs here.

Innauguration Edited 2

Yep, we were pretty far away.

Innauguration Edited 9

Innauguration Edited 6

Innauguration Edited 8

We were out late the night before at the inaugural reception, so there wasn’t time for make-up this morning.

P.S. The nearly three hour journey home didn’t sit well with Jeff. We were separated for part of the trek, when I received the ‘uplifting’ text below. He sure has a way with words. 😉



4 thoughts on “What a Weekend to be a Washingtonian…

  1. It was an amazing day. So glad to be a part of it.

    Thanks for everything you did for us last week! We left D.C. today exhausted and exhilarated.

  2. Love the blog! Had to comment because that text is exactly what Jared was saying during the Inaug festivities. It was an experience he won’t soon forgive me for!

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