Come Sail Away…

Remember last week how I was telling you about my love for Etsy? Well in addition to the gallery wall I’m SLOWLY acquiring prints for, I’m also focusing on – you guessed it – a nautical themed bathroom!

New anchor towel hook I got at Hobby Lobby!

New anchor towel hook I got at Hobby Lobby!

I think this is my way of saying I miss living in my sorority house. Just kidding. 🙂 There’s something to be said about being an adult and having your own bedroom and TV, and stuff you miss out on when you live with 30+ other females.

So I’ve taken to (mainly) Etsy and Pinterest again to find some cute anchor/sailor knick knacks I can add to the newly-remodeled bathroom (an entire post on those renovations coming to the blog very soon), and primarily the shelves we’ve added.


Here’s what I have in mind so far (all purchases were okay’d by Jeff too!):

Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions to make my concept better. If you come across any cute anchor ANYTHING send it my way.

P.S. for any guys out there reading this, I promise I’ve run everything by Jeff. Turns out he’s not as invested in the decorative touches as I am. 😉


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