Good Food, Great Wine…

And even better friends accompanied us this past weekend!

Charley and Megan at Phillip Carter

It was our third-annual wine-tasting weekend in Virginia with some pretty great friends (if I do say so myself) from New York and somehow, it only seems to get better.

Not only is this a great excuse to spend time with friends, eat too much cheese, and drink lots of wine, but this year Jeff and I were on a mission to fill that wine rack he made. It’s a pretty stressful task, but hey, someone’s gotta do it. 😉

How cute are they?

Now, I’m no expert on wine tasting, or wineries for that matter (some people who know me might say I drink my fair share ;)) but, we’ve had the opportunity to visit quite a few, and this year I especially loved the three we stopped at: Naked Mountain Winery, Phillip Carter Winery of Virginia and Barrel Oak Winery (this one’s an all-time favorite of ours).

Now, now…we went to Naked Mountain Winery, so don’t take that literally!

If you live near Virginia or visiting the area, I highly reccommend checking out many of the wineries in Fauquier County. It’s only about an hour outside D.C. and not only is the wine fantastic, but the scenery isn’t too bad either.

The vineyards weren’t in prime shape given that it’s winter, but it’s still not something you see everyday!

In addition to wine tasting, many of the wineries are dog friendly (unfortunately no space in the car this year for Cosmo and Piper) and you’re always welcome to bring your own food (thanks Charley for being the resident cheese expert) to have while you sit and drink wine among friends.

I’m sorry if this post sounds a little like I’m working for the wine tourism industry (I wish ;)), but it’s just something Jeff and I have found we really enjoy. Besides, who wouldn’t want to sit around on a Saturday with a good bottle of wine?

White Wine at Phillip Carter

So moral of the story, if you’re looking for a good winery tour guide just give me a call (Jeff would gladly come too). 🙂 And if you know of any great Virginia wineries you think we should visit, be sure to send suggestions my way!

Jeff and I at Naked Mountain

P.S. If you happen to stop at Barrel Oak (It’s basically a must. It’s one winery we make sure to stop at every year!) be sure to ask for Matt. Not only will he teach you everything you need to know about wine, but he’ll make sure you’re having lots of fun in the process.


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