Just a few things happening over here…

It’s a somewhat short and random list I’ve compiled, but bare with me.

1. Trim on the walls makes for one happy gal (aka me).

Wall Trim

Wall Trim 2

I know that might sound strange (who really cares about that kind of thing?) but, I’ve basically been begging Jeff to do this since we started dating. AND…last weekend Jeff finally got to it! There was something about the look of incompleteness that drove me nuts. However, Jeff tells me you can’t just slap some trim on the wall and call it a day. Apparently several other things have to happen to make it all come together (I’m sure he’s right, but I just prefer to think it’s a simple task). Now the house has lots of trim and I’m happy 😉 (until we get to the tedious painting part).

We found a little helper!

We found a little helper!

2. There is now photographic evidence that I too worked around the house this weekend.

Painting 2

When I helped Jeff paint the office/my new room, I begged him to stop what he was doing and snap a photo. (Jeff was of course thrilled and happy to help. Not.) This blog was starting to make it look like he does all the work, and now we all know that’s just not true (I account for approximately 3% of the labor intensive tasks). 😉

Painting 1

It wasn’t completely staged, I was hard at work too!

3. My oldest sister (I’m one of 4 girls. Yikes! My poor dad.) is a rock star at her career. (This one obviously doesn’t have to do with home improvement, but hey, it’s pretty cool and I just had to share.)


Shannon [Lindgren] & our littlest sister Kelly

She gave me explicit instructions not to go overboard in my praise, but I wanted to let you all know that she was named by Collaborate magazine (the magazine for corporate event planners like my sister) as one of the “40 Under 40: Class of 2013.” According to the Magazine (and me too!), she’s one of the “corporate meetings industry’s most talented, inventive and driven young leaders.” Congrats Shannon! I love ya.

Shannon 40 uner 40

Shannon’s profile is the first one on the left.

I think that about sums it up for the week, thus far. I hope your week is moving right along. Just think, it’s more than half over!


3 thoughts on “Just a few things happening over here…

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