She can’t help she’s so cute…

and thanks to a floor length mirror we bought (later returned) Piper was able to see what we’ve been telling her for months.

Piper Looking in the Mirror

The mirror was only around for a week, but I think she used it more than I did, which is saying a lot :). The girl can’t help herself, she’s got style. Can you blame her?

I think I took approximately fifty photos like this, because every few minutes she would walk in front of the mirror just to make sure she was still there. It was adorable. And of course, I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you!

Here’s hoping you’re enjoying the weekend and the springlike weather (finally).


A new way to follow along…

Less Than Average Height has just joined Bloglovin. So if you’re using this handy tool since Google Reader is soon to be non-existent, make sure to follow this little blog too! The handy link below makes it even easier to stay connected.

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And to all you readers out there, thanks again!


Thoughts on today…

photo-22for what they’re worth.

And while I promise I have no intention of turning this into a political blog, there was something about witnessing both sides peacefully demonstrate the very large issue of marriage equality that reminded me what this country’s all about. Don’t get me wrong, I get several daily reminders, but this one really hit home.

Standing in front of the Supreme Court – thousands of protestors everywhere – I saw the ability of so many people to disagree in a way that wasn’t angry or violent.

A simple reminder many people in many countries across the world won’t ever have an opportunity like today.

A Look at the Lavatory…

yep, you read that right. Besides, it’s the only room in our house that’s 100% complete (please don’t ask Jeff his opinion, he might disagree).

Bathroom Before and After

It all began last May when we shipped Cosmo off to Jeff’s parents in Texas (trust me I was pretty dang sad about it too), while we (mainly Jeff) began the big bathroom remodel of 2012. It was something Jeff had been wanting to work on since he bought the house, but it’s not very practical to ask your roommate to go without a bathroom for a few weeks. So Jeff waited for a time when he was without a roommate and dog where he could pick-up and stay at his wonderful girlfriend’s place, (see what I did there ;)) while his house remained bathroom-less.

Jeff being the brave guy he his even let me tag along to Home Depot to help make tile and vanity choices. We tend to have differing opinions on home decor – Jeff prefers the modern look and myself less so – but we survived the trip with ease! And I’ll never forget walking out of the store and Jeff saying, “now don’t take this offensively, but you were surprisingly agreeable.” He’s a real charmer that one.

Now bear with us, because when we took the ‘before’ pictures we weren’t thinking about this little blog of ours, but hopefully you’ll get the gist of what it used to look like.

Bathroom Before 1

Bathroom Before 2

So over the course of four weekends and some weeknights, Jeff managed to replace the window, shower and floor tiles, vanity, shower head, toilet, faucet, and towel racks. Once all that was complete, he gave me the green light to start accessorizing the place. You might remember, I talked about my vision for this room a little while ago. In case the abundance of anchors didn’t give it away, I was going for a nautical theme.

Bathroom After

While I promise I asked for his opinion every step of the way, Jeff assured me that he didn’t care what I chose. I wanted to clarify that for the record, in case you’re all reading this thinking I just came in and took over. (That doesn’t even sound like my personality ;))

Bathroom After 3

Bathrom After 2

Jeff made sure to point out that he was glad we put that “Bath” sign up, otherwise he might not have known what room he was in. Always love that sarcasm of his.

Bathroom After 6Let me know what you think! So far, I think we’re liking the outcome. Just writing this post helped me appreciate how far this little room has come.

We also made our 100,000th Ikea run this weekend, so it’s fair to say it’s all slowly coming together.

I can’t believe it but…

moving day has come and gone!

Moving Day 3

There have been plenty of moments over the past few days where I’ve just looked at Jeff in amazement and said, “did that really just happen? Are you sure we actually live together now? He usually just nods hoping I’ll get over this amazement phase fairly quickly. (He’s starting to realize what he got himself into. ;))

This is Jeff's "stop taking photos and get back to work" look. What can I say? I'm one lucky gal.

That’s Jeff’s “stop taking photos and get back to work” look. What can I say? I’m one lucky gal.

I feel like we’ve been talking about and planning for this date for months (I might’ve complained about the packing part for just as long) but, the day came and went without a hitch. Mostly thanks to our wonderful friends who gave up a Saturday morning to come help us out.

Moving Day 5

Having moved to D.C. almost four years ago with a few suitcases – slowly buying furniture along the way – I thankfully didn’t have too much move. That being said, it’s amazing how when you start to pack you find more things than you ever thought you had. I swear stuff was just appearing out of thin air.

Moving Day 4

Proof I didn’t take photos the whole time.

Nevertheless, after three carloads, five movers (aka friends), three stops at Goodwill, and one Bed Bath & Beyond and Target run later we’re pretty much settled.

Another huge thanks to our moving crew. We couldn’t have done it without you! (maybe we could have, but it would have taken a lot longer and probably inspired a few arguments. :))

Moving Day 2

Never hurts to have beer around. Especially when it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

P.S. Don’t worry the house updates won’t be stopping anytime soon! We have a lot more work to do, but were mapping out a plan to tackle projects one day (or weekend) at a time. Wish us luck. We hope you’ll keep following along!

To the coolest guy I know…

Happy Birthday!


Dad, I’m fairly certain you’re only getting better with age. Besides, you look pretty good for only turning 39. 😉

Thank you for all you do. Raising FOUR daughters was probably not a simple task (even though we all know I’m the low-maintenance one in the bunch), but you handled it with ease.

I love you!

Going Home…

is one of my favorite things to do.

There are a million reasons of course, but that girl below ranks high on the list.

Kelly and I

My sweet little sister Kelly has a way of making me feel like the coolest person in the world the first five minutes of my arrival, and then immediately telling me she’s pretty much over my visit. I guess you can be that way when you’re a decorated Special Olympics athlete – featured on a billboard – and talented gymnast. What can I say? The girl has gotten too cool for her big sister. 😉

Kelly With Special Olympics Medals

I’m jealous. I wish I had lots of medals to show off.

Kelly on the Trampoline

As I mentioned when I told you about my big grown-up purchase, I hung out with my family in Missouri for two VERY short days last week. Yet somehow, we still managed to fit in lots of eating-out and a Costco run. All the important things in life, right?

Mario's Donuts photo-20 Unk's Burgers

Notice a theme? I do. Or at least I’m noticing the extra hundred pounds I gained.

(Sidenote: you realize you’re an adult when you get excited that your parents are treating you to cleaning supplies and paper towels.)

Plus, as much as I love being home I think my dad appreciates it just as much, or I should say he appreciates Jeff’s technical and handy skills. Those two and that new car of his. I think it was their mission to figure everything out in one day.

Dad and Jeff

My two favorite guys in the world right there.

My dad and technology don’t always make for the best combination, be we sure did give Gchat a try.

Dad Learning How to GChat

After a great visit, Jeff and I packed-up and headed east. 18 hours east to be exact. But the visit wasn’t quite complete without a quick stop in St. Louis on our way out of the ‘Show Me State’ to say hi to my biggest sister. You know, the one I bragged about a few weeks ago.

Shannon and I

And while seeing Shannon was wonderful and great, what was even better was – I’m not kidding when I say this – finding the softest bagel in the world. (Sorry Shannon ;))

Mario's Bagel

I’m telling you people, if you find yourself in the St. Louis area you have stop by Mario’s Donuts and Cafe. That bagel might just change your life. Oh, and the donuts aren’t half bad either.

So…after Jeff and I ate our fair share of carbs we hit the road and didn’t stop till we made it to Virginia!

Thanks mom and dad for spoiling us for a few days. I love ya!

My first big grown-up purchase…

And it only took me 26 years!

Dad and I with CRV

I’ve wanted a car for awhile now, but living in D.C. it hasn’t always been a necessity, or in the budget! However, since Jeff’s house isn’t walking distance from a Metro station it was time to bite the bullet and make the big purchase.

That guy in the photo is my dad, and I may or may not have persuaded him into buying a new car so I could buy his Honda CRV. And since he’s pretty much the best dad (my mom’s not too bad either ;)) he obliged. So, (and I know you all were worried by my lack of blog posts over the weekend) Jeff and I went to Missouri to get in a quick visit and then drive the car back to D.C. 18 hours later we’re back home and ready for the big move next weekend.

Don’t worry, I took lots of photos in the two short days I was home, and I’ll of course share them with all of you later this week. I’m sure you can’t wait either.

My little sister got the brunt of my obsessive picture taking and lets just say judging by the preview below, she was getting kind of sick of it. I think her exact words were, “do you have to take photos of me everyday? When are you going back home?” She’s just so cute that I can’t help myself.

Kelly Pouting

Here’s to hoping your work week got off to a good start!

P.S. Wish me luck on mastering the parallel parking thing, so far it’s not going well…


was not a whole lot of this:

Piper in the snow

but more like this:

rain boots

Cosmo in the snow

with a lot of this:

Grilled Cheese and Soup


oh and this too:

Piper and Cosmo sleeping

Not that I’m complaining. A day spent at home with Jeff and the pups is aok in my book.

Painting Trim…

is NO fun at all.

Paint Can

It’s time consuming, tedious and boring (Jeff warned me of all these things beforehand, but I chose to ignore him). I take back what I said last week about how much I love new trim.

Taking Off Paint 2

Jeff took off about 50 years of paint with a heat gun! Trust me, it needed to be gone.

Taking Off Paint

However, after a full-day of painting, we’ve pretty much finished my entire dressing room/office! Once we get furniture in the room I’ll post before and after pics. Who knew one small room could take so long to renovate?

Painting Trim

For all those young couples out there looking to test your relationship, try spending an entire Sunday in a small room concentrating on paint, and I promise you’ll find some things you disagree on (not that we would know 😉 ). Also, pointing out flaws in each others work will definitely help things go smoother. 😉 It’s all part of the growing process, right?

Dogs Playing Outside

Don’t worry they’re not attacking each other, it’s just how they play.

I wish I could say the dogs (namely Piper) were complete angels all weekend, but we have a few chewed-up DVD boxes, a shoe, and a head band to prove otherwise. The perils of having a puppy! Don’t worry though, of course I snapped my weekly quota of dog photos. I wouldn’t want to disappoint all of you. 🙂

Piper and Cosmo Outside

Cosmo’s growing increasingly self-conscience of his graying facial hair, so don’t mention it next time you see him.

Besides, I can’t think of a better excuse to take a break from painting than checking on these two. Jeff might disagree, but hey, someone’s gotta do it. 😉

Today was just a quick glimpse of what we worked on over the weekend, but hopefully I’ll have some more detailed before and after shots for you soon!

Hope your week is off to a good start!

P.S. and I hate to admit this on the World Wide Web, but the weekend did end with me having to utter the words “you were right” to Jeff. Turns out I don’t know as much about home repairs as I thought I did. Don’t worry he hasn’t let me forget it.