Going Home…

is one of my favorite things to do.

There are a million reasons of course, but that girl below ranks high on the list.

Kelly and I

My sweet little sister Kelly has a way of making me feel like the coolest person in the world the first five minutes of my arrival, and then immediately telling me she’s pretty much over my visit. I guess you can be that way when you’re a decorated Special Olympics athlete – featured on a billboard – and talented gymnast. What can I say? The girl has gotten too cool for her big sister. 😉

Kelly With Special Olympics Medals

I’m jealous. I wish I had lots of medals to show off.

Kelly on the Trampoline

As I mentioned when I told you about my big grown-up purchase, I hung out with my family in Missouri for two VERY short days last week. Yet somehow, we still managed to fit in lots of eating-out and a Costco run. All the important things in life, right?

Mario's Donuts photo-20 Unk's Burgers

Notice a theme? I do. Or at least I’m noticing the extra hundred pounds I gained.

(Sidenote: you realize you’re an adult when you get excited that your parents are treating you to cleaning supplies and paper towels.)

Plus, as much as I love being home I think my dad appreciates it just as much, or I should say he appreciates Jeff’s technical and handy skills. Those two and that new car of his. I think it was their mission to figure everything out in one day.

Dad and Jeff

My two favorite guys in the world right there.

My dad and technology don’t always make for the best combination, be we sure did give Gchat a try.

Dad Learning How to GChat

After a great visit, Jeff and I packed-up and headed east. 18 hours east to be exact. But the visit wasn’t quite complete without a quick stop in St. Louis on our way out of the ‘Show Me State’ to say hi to my biggest sister. You know, the one I bragged about a few weeks ago.

Shannon and I

And while seeing Shannon was wonderful and great, what was even better was – I’m not kidding when I say this – finding the softest bagel in the world. (Sorry Shannon ;))

Mario's Bagel

I’m telling you people, if you find yourself in the St. Louis area you have stop by Mario’s Donuts and Cafe. That bagel might just change your life. Oh, and the donuts aren’t half bad either.

So…after Jeff and I ate our fair share of carbs we hit the road and didn’t stop till we made it to Virginia!

Thanks mom and dad for spoiling us for a few days. I love ya!


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