I can’t believe it but…

moving day has come and gone!

Moving Day 3

There have been plenty of moments over the past few days where I’ve just looked at Jeff in amazement and said, “did that really just happen? Are you sure we actually live together now? He usually just nods hoping I’ll get over this amazement phase fairly quickly. (He’s starting to realize what he got himself into. ;))

This is Jeff's "stop taking photos and get back to work" look. What can I say? I'm one lucky gal.

That’s Jeff’s “stop taking photos and get back to work” look. What can I say? I’m one lucky gal.

I feel like we’ve been talking about and planning for this date for months (I might’ve complained about the packing part for just as long) but, the day came and went without a hitch. Mostly thanks to our wonderful friends who gave up a Saturday morning to come help us out.

Moving Day 5

Having moved to D.C. almost four years ago with a few suitcases – slowly buying furniture along the way – I thankfully didn’t have too much move. That being said, it’s amazing how when you start to pack you find more things than you ever thought you had. I swear stuff was just appearing out of thin air.

Moving Day 4

Proof I didn’t take photos the whole time.

Nevertheless, after three carloads, five movers (aka friends), three stops at Goodwill, and one Bed Bath & Beyond and Target run later we’re pretty much settled.

Another huge thanks to our moving crew. We couldn’t have done it without you! (maybe we could have, but it would have taken a lot longer and probably inspired a few arguments. :))

Moving Day 2

Never hurts to have beer around. Especially when it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

P.S. Don’t worry the house updates won’t be stopping anytime soon! We have a lot more work to do, but were mapping out a plan to tackle projects one day (or weekend) at a time. Wish us luck. We hope you’ll keep following along!


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