One last cherry blossom photo for your Friday…

Cherry Blossoms at the Capitolpartially because the peak-bloom season is really short and they’re already not looking as good, and partially (again) because of the crowds. They’re still nuts.

If it weren’t for the beauty of the city right now, I’d probably be looking to buy property in the middle of nowhere and live off the land. A totally reasonable idea for someone like me. 🙂

Thankfully, this picture didn’t require quite as much effort to get as the ones I shared with all of you earlier this week. One of the perks of working on The Hill is that this is right outside my office building. It’s hard to complain about this view.

Also, Jeff tells me he doesn’t understand why people flock to the National Mall to see them, but look at that. How could you not?

Happy Friday all!

*Photo taken with iPhone and Instagram.


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