Checking things off the list…

is all part of the process, or so I’m told.


Throughout our work on home improvement/renovation projects I’ve realized that sometimes I let my expectations get the best of me. A revelation that probably shocked all of you. 😉 It turns out we usually can’t get everything we want done in one weekend. Life and dogs tend to get in the way. But…I’m learning how to temper those expectations of mine (just don’t ask Jeff how I’m doing, he might disagree).

Unfortunately, I don’t have any great “before and after” shots for you today, but we (mostly Jeff) made some progress on that LONG to-do list of ours. If you can’t tell, this past weekend we took it step-by-step (cue the theme song from the classic TGIF show. Oh the 90’s.).

painting the stairs 2So while today’s update is less exciting, I’m hoping you’ll stick around for the good stuff still to come! If you’re anything like me, patience can be a tricky thing and this home renovation concept is sure testing that virtue.


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