Shut the…

front door. 🙂

Finally, ours now shuts a little better, and looks a heck of a lot nicer. The best part is it practically looks brand new, without the “brand new” cost.

Front Door Before and After

The “before” photo doesn’t do it justice, but the poor door needed some major love. There were plenty of large dents and scratches in that thing that I was more than happy to see go.

On Saturday, Jeff spent most of the day (1) sanding, (2 & 4) priming, (3) removing old hardware, (6) painting, and then doing it all over again on the other side. (Not pictured: the putty used to fill the large dents.) Sure enough by the end of the day the door was looking great and ready to go back on it’s hinges!

Refinishing the Front Door web

While the shiny, new white paint looks great, I must say I’m loving our new deadbolt lock even more. It only requires a 4-digit code! Obviously, keys are so last year. 🙂

Front Door Lock

And best of all, it’s Cosmo approved!

Cosmo and the Front Door

Many thanks to Jeff for doing a majority of the work. I wanted to help, but I was afraid I’d just get in the way. 😉


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