And the endings of a little transformation…

Kitchen Before and After

and I must admit I was feeling pretty good about our project until I took a few photos and realized they don’t look as good in pictures as they do in person (I could be overreacting). So I’m here to tell ya, I love the new look, but before you make any final judgements you should all just come over and see for yourself. Only come in groups of 5-10, because that’s about all our house can hold at one time. 🙂 Also, and I say this mainly for myself, this is just the tip of the iceberg for the cosmetic updates we’d like to make. Many more posts to come. (Hopefully sooner rather than later!)

Having aired my insecurities (thanks for listening), I will say the most amazing part about this transformation was that we did it all for $100. As you may remember, we’re budget-friendly over here, but even this low price tag amazed me.

I know you’ve been eagerly awaiting the details since I showed you the “before” look a few days ago, so I’ll get to it.

While I wish I could say we thought of, and executed this look all on our own, I have to admit we purchased a handy four-step kit at Home Depot.

Painting Cabinets Steps

Overall, pretty user-friendly.

So we cleaned and deglossed,

painting cabinets-2

No you’re not mistaken, that’s me working.

measured for the new hardware (you can find our pick for the cabinets, here),

Painting Cabinets 3


Painting Cabinets 1

painted some more,

Painting Cabinets 2

*applied the decorative glaze (completely optional, based on the type of look you’re going for),

Painting Cabinets 4

wiped off the decorative glaze,

Painting Cabinets 5

and brushed on the protective top coat.

Painting Cabinets 6

After a full day of drying the cabinets were back up and order & cleanliness were restored. 🙂

Kitchen After 6 Kitchen After 3 Kitchen After 4

So far, (two days worth of my expert opinion) I think the work and heat were worth it, but maybe ask me again in a year or two.

Like I said, we’re not finished with the kitchen just yet! Now it’s onto the counter tops, back splash, new appliances (possibly?), and painting! Is that all? I sure hope so.

*When I noted that the glaze was optional, I wanted to clarify that this kit allows you to do only the solid paint color in step #2, which in our case was a stark white, or add a glaze that will give it a more antiqueish look. Since we have white appliances we went with the glaze, because the stark white made the appliances look discolored.


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