This stuff’s made in New York City…

New York City?? 🙂 Wait, don’t stop reading! I’m done with the cheesy 90’s references. For now.

NYC 15Okay, so this might be a little picture overload (surprise, surprise), but I can’t help but share our time spent in “The Big Apple” visiting friends and attending one of the most beautiful weddings.

First off, fall in New York is by far the best time to be there. The weather was gorgeous. Perfect for a little brunch (caramelized apple buttermilk pancakes anyone?) and shopping.

NYC 6 NYC 4 NYC 5 NYC 7 web small

 ^^This is Jeff’s “are you seriously taking photos right now while I try to figure out where we’re going?” look.^^

Hundred Acres NYC^^Yep, that food was as good as it looks. I would definitely recommend Hundred Acres for anyone visiting NYC.^^

Our lovely friends Charley and Megan, who you may remember, took us to some great resteraunts, including the one mentioned above. It was there that we also got the chance to catch up with a few other college friends who I just adore, and don’t get to see nearly enough.

NYC 1 web small

After lots of food and a stroll through SOHO, Jeff and I headed to the wedding of our friends Jay and Kate. Let me tell you, this wedding was just amazing, and so fun too!

Jay and Kate Wedding

Not only did they get married in a church that faced Central Park, but the food, dancing and atmosphere definitely made this night sepectacular. Congrats Jay and Kate and thanks for inviting us to your special day!

NYC 11

^^My boss John and I’s poor attempt at a picture with the handsome groom.^^

And lastly, lord knows I couldn’t leave NYC without meeting up with these ladies.

NYC 10

I interned with these lovely gals when I first moved to Washington, well expect for Bailey (blonde on the left), but we all feel like she did. Then they all moved to New York and left me sad and alone in D.C. I’m still waiting for them to change their minds and move back. Any day now. 🙂

Okay, so I think I got through it all. It was a short – less than 48-hour trip – but we managed to pack in plenty of fun. Until next time New York!


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