I wish I had lots of updates…

But the stomach flu reared its ugly head on Friday and pretty much stayed around all weekend. Thanks a lot flu!


Jeff made an early morning drugstore run for me. I’m one lucky gal. 😉

If there’s one good thing the flu brings it’s snuggle time with the pups and catching up on some DVR’d TV. Who knew a mini-series about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings could be so addicting?

Piper and Me

She just gives the sweetest kisses.

Thankfully the weekend wasn’t a total waste. Jeff was able to get the room we cleared out last weekend almost fully painted! So fingers crossed with some new trim and floor boards the room will be good as new. 🙂

Painting Office


Now I know the paint color isn’t the most exciting (at least according to Jeff) but once we get some furniture and wall decor it won’t look so boring. At least I hope not. 🙂

Hopefully, I’ll have more home updates for you later. And anyone else out there battling the flu, I feel for you. It’s pretty much the worst.