Does it Stay, or Does it go….

office 4

That question was asked A LOT this weekend. Does Jeff still need his college text books? A boom-box from what I can only guess was the 90’s? A printer that doesn’t even work?

Jeff’s office (aka…room where he threw everything he didn’t need), which will become my closet/dressing room/office of sorts, began the big makeover this weekend and all with minimal disagreements! That’s a success in my book. 🙂

The two pictures below were from Saturday before any major work was done.

Office 3

Office 2

And this was Sunday (dun, dun, dun, DUN!…)




Now it’s obviously not done, but we’re making progress and that’s what counts, right? We got it all cleared out so Jeff could add texture to the wall. Since this is an older home, the texture helps cover-up some of the blemishes of the older structure (or so I’m told). So no, that’s not a sponge paint look we’ve got going on. It will be painted over very soon!


This is what the texture looks like pre-paint.

The weekend wasn’t all work. In between Chinese food carry-out, wine, and episodes of Homeland (Oh my goodness, that show! I just can’t stop watching!) Jeff found some time for fun on our weekly Home Depot run. 🙂


Boys will be boys, right?