This looks familiar…

I’m telling you, she’s basically Kelly “The Dog Whisperer,” and much like the last time, there was another sweet little boxer (not that I’m biased) that just took to her. You might’ve seen him on this blog before. 😉

Cosmo and Kelly 5If you follow me on Instagram (you mean, you’re not tired of all those dog photos yet?) then you might’ve noticed we made the long drive to Missouri last week with the pups in tow! It’s definitely not as simple as Jeff and I hoping on a plane, but well worth it with these two and the little bond they had going on. I think I say, “my heart’s melting” far too much, but this time I really mean it.

Cosmo and Kelly 2

^^I mean Cosmo even let her use him as a footrest with little complaint! Can’t say he’s thrilled when I try that too.^^

Cosmo and Kelly 4 Cosmo and Kelly 1

I’m thinking I’ll just secretly adopt a boxer and leave it on their doorstep. I’m positive my parents will thank me for it later. 😉


Legal and lovin’ it…

kind of. Can’t say my beautiful, sassy, and sweet little sister loves adult beverages as much as the rest of us, but that’s probably for the best. 🙂 However, that didn’t stop her and the rest of my family from enjoying the party!

Kelly's 21st Birthday 4Kelly’s celebration happened to fall on the same weekend as the popular Kansas City Irish Fest, so we took the party there and boy was it fun. My family has no problem tapping into their Irish roots, especially the whole beer drinking part.

Kansas City Irish Fest 1

In case you didn’t know, we’re the “City of Fountains”, and I think they’re even better when they’re green.

Kansas City Irish Fest 2 Kansas City Irish Fest 4Since we were celebrating Kelly’s new legal status, we all had to share in her moment of buying her first beer, and of course snap a few photos too!

Kelly's 21st Birthday 2 Kelly's 21st Birthday 3

Kelly's 21st Birthday 1It was so much fun to spend time with family and friends, listen to great Irish music, including my new favorite We Banjo 3, (they’re not bad looking either) and of course toast the birthday girl. She stretched out that “birthday weekend” as long as she could. Though she’s pretty cute, so it’s not to hard for her to milk it for all it’s worth.

Kansas City Irish Fest 3

Sidenote: my mom also saw them at a small pub in Ireland a year ago! Small world.

If you can't tell, it was very warm outside. We we're one sweaty mess.

If you can’t tell, it was very warm outside. We we’re one sweaty mess, but we still had to get our picture with these guys!

Shannon and Dad at the Irish Fest

Pretty lucky to have a great older sister and dad. Love these two!

Kansas City Irish Fest 5It was a great Labor Day Weekend. So thankful for the time with my family. I hope you had a great weekend too!

P.S. I’m taking a little vacation this week. but then Jeff and I plan to continue our long list of home renovations. Stay tuned!

Going Home…

is one of my favorite things to do.

There are a million reasons of course, but that girl below ranks high on the list.

Kelly and I

My sweet little sister Kelly has a way of making me feel like the coolest person in the world the first five minutes of my arrival, and then immediately telling me she’s pretty much over my visit. I guess you can be that way when you’re a decorated Special Olympics athlete – featured on a billboard – and talented gymnast. What can I say? The girl has gotten too cool for her big sister. 😉

Kelly With Special Olympics Medals

I’m jealous. I wish I had lots of medals to show off.

Kelly on the Trampoline

As I mentioned when I told you about my big grown-up purchase, I hung out with my family in Missouri for two VERY short days last week. Yet somehow, we still managed to fit in lots of eating-out and a Costco run. All the important things in life, right?

Mario's Donuts photo-20 Unk's Burgers

Notice a theme? I do. Or at least I’m noticing the extra hundred pounds I gained.

(Sidenote: you realize you’re an adult when you get excited that your parents are treating you to cleaning supplies and paper towels.)

Plus, as much as I love being home I think my dad appreciates it just as much, or I should say he appreciates Jeff’s technical and handy skills. Those two and that new car of his. I think it was their mission to figure everything out in one day.

Dad and Jeff

My two favorite guys in the world right there.

My dad and technology don’t always make for the best combination, be we sure did give Gchat a try.

Dad Learning How to GChat

After a great visit, Jeff and I packed-up and headed east. 18 hours east to be exact. But the visit wasn’t quite complete without a quick stop in St. Louis on our way out of the ‘Show Me State’ to say hi to my biggest sister. You know, the one I bragged about a few weeks ago.

Shannon and I

And while seeing Shannon was wonderful and great, what was even better was – I’m not kidding when I say this – finding the softest bagel in the world. (Sorry Shannon ;))

Mario's Bagel

I’m telling you people, if you find yourself in the St. Louis area you have stop by Mario’s Donuts and Cafe. That bagel might just change your life. Oh, and the donuts aren’t half bad either.

So…after Jeff and I ate our fair share of carbs we hit the road and didn’t stop till we made it to Virginia!

Thanks mom and dad for spoiling us for a few days. I love ya!

My first big grown-up purchase…

And it only took me 26 years!

Dad and I with CRV

I’ve wanted a car for awhile now, but living in D.C. it hasn’t always been a necessity, or in the budget! However, since Jeff’s house isn’t walking distance from a Metro station it was time to bite the bullet and make the big purchase.

That guy in the photo is my dad, and I may or may not have persuaded him into buying a new car so I could buy his Honda CRV. And since he’s pretty much the best dad (my mom’s not too bad either ;)) he obliged. So, (and I know you all were worried by my lack of blog posts over the weekend) Jeff and I went to Missouri to get in a quick visit and then drive the car back to D.C. 18 hours later we’re back home and ready for the big move next weekend.

Don’t worry, I took lots of photos in the two short days I was home, and I’ll of course share them with all of you later this week. I’m sure you can’t wait either.

My little sister got the brunt of my obsessive picture taking and lets just say judging by the preview below, she was getting kind of sick of it. I think her exact words were, “do you have to take photos of me everyday? When are you going back home?” She’s just so cute that I can’t help myself.

Kelly Pouting

Here’s to hoping your work week got off to a good start!

P.S. Wish me luck on mastering the parallel parking thing, so far it’s not going well…

Just a few things happening over here…

It’s a somewhat short and random list I’ve compiled, but bare with me.

1. Trim on the walls makes for one happy gal (aka me).

Wall Trim

Wall Trim 2

I know that might sound strange (who really cares about that kind of thing?) but, I’ve basically been begging Jeff to do this since we started dating. AND…last weekend Jeff finally got to it! There was something about the look of incompleteness that drove me nuts. However, Jeff tells me you can’t just slap some trim on the wall and call it a day. Apparently several other things have to happen to make it all come together (I’m sure he’s right, but I just prefer to think it’s a simple task). Now the house has lots of trim and I’m happy 😉 (until we get to the tedious painting part).

We found a little helper!

We found a little helper!

2. There is now photographic evidence that I too worked around the house this weekend.

Painting 2

When I helped Jeff paint the office/my new room, I begged him to stop what he was doing and snap a photo. (Jeff was of course thrilled and happy to help. Not.) This blog was starting to make it look like he does all the work, and now we all know that’s just not true (I account for approximately 3% of the labor intensive tasks). 😉

Painting 1

It wasn’t completely staged, I was hard at work too!

3. My oldest sister (I’m one of 4 girls. Yikes! My poor dad.) is a rock star at her career. (This one obviously doesn’t have to do with home improvement, but hey, it’s pretty cool and I just had to share.)


Shannon [Lindgren] & our littlest sister Kelly

She gave me explicit instructions not to go overboard in my praise, but I wanted to let you all know that she was named by Collaborate magazine (the magazine for corporate event planners like my sister) as one of the “40 Under 40: Class of 2013.” According to the Magazine (and me too!), she’s one of the “corporate meetings industry’s most talented, inventive and driven young leaders.” Congrats Shannon! I love ya.

Shannon 40 uner 40

Shannon’s profile is the first one on the left.

I think that about sums it up for the week, thus far. I hope your week is moving right along. Just think, it’s more than half over!