It’s just like that movie “Couples Retreat”…

except, minus the tropical location and the whole talking about our feelings part. But hey, Lake Anna is not a bad substitute for meeting up with great friends, enjoying the sun, and drinking a few adult beverages (just a few).

CR 2013 1

What, you don’t have a wine koozie? You should probably get one.

So in this small world we live in, my best friend from high school, who also lives in D.C., happens to date Casey (pictured above) who’s good friend from high school Brandon, is one of Jeff’s good friends from college. Still following me? Basically, we have a little circle of friends from several walks of life, and having all that in common we decided to turn this get together into an annual thing! Second annual, to be exact.

CR 2013 8

Seriously, how cute are these ladies? My high school friend Amanda on my left, and Brandon’s sweet wife Lee on my right.

We met up at Jeff’s parents house on Lake Anna for the weekend and spent lots of time on the water,

CR 2013 12

They’re basically Simba and Nala.

CR 2013 9CR 2013 10indulging in great food and drinks,

CR 2013 7 CR 2013 3 CR 2013 6

Nothing like making a good S'more!

Nothing like making a good S’more!

and of course spoiling the dogs, Piper and Cosmo, and Amanda’s collie Wynter.

CR 2013 4Oh and because we’re all getting old, there was a nap or two in there.

CR 2013 5Love spending our summer with great friends, but it wouldn’t hurt if time slowed down a little bit. Now, it looks like it’s back to more home repairs. I’ll clue you in on a little project we’re working on later this week!


Happy Birthday America…

and boy was it a good one filled with great food, friends and weather (albeit a little hot and humid, but welcome to D.C. in the summer). Though this year, we skipped the matching shirts. Jeff didn’t say anything, but I could tell he was sad.

Here are a few photos from our little celebration.

Fourth of July 1

Nothing says America like red Solo cups, right?

Fourth of July 7

^^Remember sweet little Addie? She’s already seven weeks old and still cute as a button. She also knows how to dress for the occasion. ;)^^

We loved being able to host friends for a good ole’ fashioned bar-b-que on our newly power washed deck. There’s nothing like a good cookout to celebrate the birthday of this lovely country. Also, Jeff’s not only handy with tools, but did I mention he can cook? When it comes to grilling and smoking meat this guy can make a delicious meal. How did I get so lucky?

Fourth of July 11

I swear I bring some unique talents to the relationship, I just don’t like to brag. 😉

Hillary's Fourth of July Food

^^Jeff wasn’t the only great cook around. My dear friend Hillary made us homemade mini blueberry pies and garlic poppyseed challah (holla!). Yes, they were as good as they look! You should check out her blog for more great recipes, here.^^

Last but not least, the day wasn’t complete without a few games of Cornhole on Jeff’s newly created Cornhole boards. Here’s a little preview of the handcrafted boards, but I’ll of course have a separate post on those soon. Stay tuned.

Cornhole on the Fourth of July

So in case you’re wondering why we weren’t taking-in the fireworks on The National Mall, it’s not that they’re not beautiful, but when you live out here it’s something you only want to do once. I think we were all perfectly content steering clears of those crowds.

Happy Birthday America! I luv ya.

P.S. Little girl did not love the sound of fireworks, so she pretty much stayed under a table until we had to drag her out. 😦

Fourth of July 9

Cicada invasion…

and they were everywhere around Lake Anna, Va. last weekend!

*Disclaimer, if bugs make you squeamish, I would probably stop reading this post. Don’t worry though, there’s only two photos and they’re not too bad!

2013 Virginia Cicadas 2013 Virginia Cicadas 2

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen or heard (they are loud) so many bugs in one place. At night, at least fifty of them would gather on the deck. I chose not to share those photos with you for fear you would never come back. 😉

Take a listen to them here:

For those who’ve lived in the D.C. area for awhile, this isn’t the first time cicadas have taken over, but for a first-timer like myself it was fascinating. According to reports, the last major cicada invasion hit D.C./Virginia in 2004. I’m sure glad this isn’t a yearly occurrence.

Thankfully, we haven’t seen any in Arlington yet and fingers crossed it stays that way. They’re only supposed to stick around for a few weeks, so hopefully we’ve missed the major rush.

Piper on the other hand, just loved them. She’d probably be content with them all the time. I think she ate at least twenty, and didn’t plan on stopping until we forced her inside (we’re those kind of strict dog parents). Judging by the photo below, all those bugs were making her go a little crazy, or at least crazier than normal.

Piper June 2013

Apparently, cicadas are eaten around the world, and the female ones are known to be meatier. A delicacy Piper took full-advantage of.

No worries, I’m not considering a career shift to entomology, just thought I’d share these harmless little bugs with you. You’re welcome.

P.S. we’re working on the house this weekend! I hope by telling all of you it will force Jeff and I to hold ourselves accountable and check some things of our to-do list.