Be our guest…

well, almost.

After a little hiatus, thanks in part to several busy weekends, Jeff and I got back on the home-renovation bandwagon!

First up, our new guest room.

Guest Room Before 1 Guest Room Before 2

In all honesty, there’s not as much to be done in this room, but we’re texturing the walls like we did in my office/dressing room and giving it a fresh coat of paint. Oh, and painting all the trim, again. I think I’ll be busy on that day. 🙂

Joint CompoundTexturing the Guest Room Walls

When I moved-in nearly two months ago (how time flies!) we basically threw everything of mine that didn’t fit in other spots around the house into this room. So, because we have nowhere to move all my furniture while we paint, we’re going to re-do the walls in stages.

Guest Room After 2

I’m really liking this look. I think we’ll just leave it. 🙂

We made a significant dent this weekend, but hopefully we’ll be open for business soon.

Guest Room After 1

P.S. I hope to have some “before and after” photos of my little office/dressing room soon, but because I have a little bit of an a-type personality (I’m sure you haven’t noticed ;)) I’m still on a quest for the perfect mirror to fit the space.


Painting Trim…

is NO fun at all.

Paint Can

It’s time consuming, tedious and boring (Jeff warned me of all these things beforehand, but I chose to ignore him). I take back what I said last week about how much I love new trim.

Taking Off Paint 2

Jeff took off about 50 years of paint with a heat gun! Trust me, it needed to be gone.

Taking Off Paint

However, after a full-day of painting, we’ve pretty much finished my entire dressing room/office! Once we get furniture in the room I’ll post before and after pics. Who knew one small room could take so long to renovate?

Painting Trim

For all those young couples out there looking to test your relationship, try spending an entire Sunday in a small room concentrating on paint, and I promise you’ll find some things you disagree on (not that we would know 😉 ). Also, pointing out flaws in each others work will definitely help things go smoother. 😉 It’s all part of the growing process, right?

Dogs Playing Outside

Don’t worry they’re not attacking each other, it’s just how they play.

I wish I could say the dogs (namely Piper) were complete angels all weekend, but we have a few chewed-up DVD boxes, a shoe, and a head band to prove otherwise. The perils of having a puppy! Don’t worry though, of course I snapped my weekly quota of dog photos. I wouldn’t want to disappoint all of you. 🙂

Piper and Cosmo Outside

Cosmo’s growing increasingly self-conscience of his graying facial hair, so don’t mention it next time you see him.

Besides, I can’t think of a better excuse to take a break from painting than checking on these two. Jeff might disagree, but hey, someone’s gotta do it. 😉

Today was just a quick glimpse of what we worked on over the weekend, but hopefully I’ll have some more detailed before and after shots for you soon!

Hope your week is off to a good start!

P.S. and I hate to admit this on the World Wide Web, but the weekend did end with me having to utter the words “you were right” to Jeff. Turns out I don’t know as much about home repairs as I thought I did. Don’t worry he hasn’t let me forget it.