Raising Pups…

Piper and Cosmo Outside

If I’m being honest, I used to completely hate dogs and really all animals for that matter.  It wasn’t till I met Cosmo (the Boxer on the left) Jeff’s five-year-old dog that I just fell over-the-moon in love. Cosmo’s not only sweet and gentle, but he’s so caring to every dog and human he encounters. And if all else fails, he’s always up for snuggle time.


So…after two years of dating I begged and pleaded to get another dog, not really knowing how much work and stress puppies can add to your life! Thus entered Piper into our little world in November of 2012. We love everything about our crazy mutt/hound mix of a puppy. She has a lot of spunk. Most days she’s either driving us nuts, or forcing Cosmo to seek solace in a quiet room.

Trust me when I say I love her tremendously, but there are times when this forty pound thing can make me/us feel absolutely defeated. 🙂

Piper in the Backyard

Whether you have dogs or not, or you love or hate them, I hope you enjoy the many photos and stories I share about these two crazy ones. They really do make life entertaining.


8 thoughts on “Raising Pups…

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