How did you two meet?

Well, there’s sort of two answers to that question.

The simple answer is, we met on a blind date three years ago at a place called Harry’s Tap Room (it’s closed now :() in Arlington, VA. Like any blind date, we were both a little hesitant for the whole ‘set-up’ thing, but nevertheless we met for a drink and you know how it goes…we ended up talking for hours. I know, I know it sounds so cliche! Even more cliche is that after the first date the rest was pretty much history (had to get that little line in there). Awe, isn’t that sweet?

How We Met

Please note: this is not a picture of our actual first date, but since we didn’t have a camera present I felt this somewhat accurately depicts how we must have looked at the time.

I honestly never thought I’d meet my future husband via a blind date, but luckily a mutual friend of ours had the foresight to know we’d make a good pair!

Okay, so you know how I said there’s kind of two answers to the whole story? This part’s really my favorite.

So, when our mutual friend told both of us she wanted to set us up, she first showed us each others respective photos, (via Facebook, of course) and we both oddly had the same reaction. It was something to the effect of,  “Hmm, he/she looks familiar.” This surprised our friend a little, because she wasn’t sure how we could have possibly met. After we put the clues together, thanks to a few Facebook photos, we realized we’d met at a birthday party via another group of mutual friends almost six months prior to our first date. We briefly met that night, shook hands, but never spoke for the rest of the evening yet somehow we both distinctly remembered each other.

In fact, there’s a picture of the party where you can see Jeff (kind of) and I sitting only a few feet apart!

how we met

If only I could travel back in time and tell myself to go talk to that guy sitting a few feet away, but then who knows how the story would have gone. I probably would have scared sweet, shy Jeff away!

Funny thing about that party is not only did Jeff and I meet, but there’s a few of us who’s paths all crossed (so much so, they’ve all made it on this blog a time or two) that evening and now we’re all great friends. It’s a small, strange world we live in.

I’m telling you, it’s all about fate. 🙂 Okay, so maybe it’s not just like the movies, but close enough, right?


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